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I get lots of requests from dominating clients who are seeking the companionship of a Submissive escort in London.

If you are looking a submissive escort London is a great city to be in. However, I will be direct, and tell you that I say this not because this city has an abundance of submissive escorts, but because I reside in this city.

Domination and submission are wonderful, infinite realms, and their subtleties make them a unique form of art, that can only be appreciated by true connoisseurs.

I have taken a long, deep journey of learning and perfecting my craft, to be able not only to enjoy the darkest nooks of my own perverse sexuality, but also transform and transpose them into unique experiences for my clients.

It is safe to assume that if you are here, you are either a person that used the services of a submissive escort London provides, or you are new and want to try it, or you are a seasoned veteran of the domination and submission art. It can be extremely sensual to have a young lady bound and helpless at your command, the feeling of power that it gives you it is intoxicating. Perhaps you are a little more sadistic, and you love it when you hear a woman yelp and succumb to your power. This is the realm of the kink, where fantasies are becoming true, where the most beautifully cruel desires can be enacted. This is the place where the taboo and the shocking have the chance to become your private reality.

This submissive escort London based needs to make a thing clear. For me, the pleasure in submission is as not only physical, but also psychological. Ceding to a master’s command, without hesitation, having that tantalizing sensation of pain give me sharp needle-like shivers down my spine while being flogged or spanked or paddled, letting myself fully controlled by the master….just thinking about if gives me shivers.

What you need to know about this London submissive escort is that my level of submission is bound in contradictions and complexities. The submission can be intimate and caring, but it can be severe and cruel at the same time, and it usually is a mix of manipulating the mind as the body is stimulated. Putting down on paper how I feel about submission, it is almost impossible. There are submissive escorts in London that enjoy the same things as me, but, I live and enjoy each moment and second of a good submission session. The pleasure I get from it comes from physical pain? Or does it come from the fact that I have done a good job in pleasing you, making your fantasy become a reality, fulfilling your desires?

While this submissive escort London based loves the art and pleasure of a true fantasy turned into a reality, you need to know that there are a few things that I simply adore. I have varied submissive interests, hence masters and mistresses of all levels are welcomed. I also take great pleasure in guiding a novice through the amazing world of BDSM – and I find that developing a D/S relationship with someone is an amazing experience. I always find it a honor to be the one that introduces a person in this world of perversion and depravity


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Additional Hour£200

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